How to access Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture

By car

■From Osaka area Approximately 3 hours and half.

Matsubara JCT - Hanwa expressway- Kisei Expressway(Free section) - Susami Minami IC- National Highway Route 42- Prefectural Highway Route 240⇒ Octagonal roof house

■From Nagoya area Approximately 3 hours and half

Nagoya- Higashi Meihan Expressway, Ise expressway - SeiwaTaki IC- Kumano Odomari IC - National Highway Route 42- Prefectural Highway Route 240

⇒ Octagonal roof house

By train

■From Osaka area Approximately 3 hours 50 minutes

Limited Express of JR Kisei line “Kuroshio” Shin Osaka ⇒Taiji


■From Nagoya area Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.

Limited Express of JR Kisei line "Wide view Nanki" Nagoya ⇒Kii Katsuura

 Kii Katsuura Station is the last station for wide view from Nagoya. To Taiji you need a transit at JR, bus, or taxi.

From Taiji station

■Taxi(Approximately ¥900、5minutes)  The nearest station is "Taiji Station", but Taiji Station is an unmanned station, there is no taxi always in front of the station. Taiji Tourist Information Center also sometimes has no people. When using a taxi, it is safe to access from Kii Katsuura Station.

Kumano Kotsu 0735-52-2525


■Taiji Town Round Bus(5 minutes) (Adult¥100 Child¥50)

Bus timetable Taiji Station → Kujirahama pier front

9:10 10:10 11:15 11:45 12:32         
13:00 13:55 14:35 15:15 15:55 16:25


Take east direction(left) Route 42.

Turn right at Moriura (intersection) and enter the prefectural highway 240.

Our facility is on the front right side.

From JR Kii Katsuura station

■Taxi (Approximately¥2,000, 10 min)

The taxi always waits in front of the station.

■Kino Matsushima Islands Cruise(40 minutes)

Get on it from Katsuura Tourist Pier which is 9 minutes on foot from JR Kii Katsuura station and get off at Taiji Whale Beach Park. You can reach our facility in 1 minutes on foot from there.

CostAdult¥1,250 /Child ¥630 ※Trip may be canceled in bad weather.

Cruise timetable

Katsuura Tourist Pier→ Taiji Whale Beach Park

 8:30 9:40 10:50 13:00 14:10 15:20

6 minutes walk from Kii Katsuura station to Katsuura sightseeing pier

Proceed north east and head for prefectural road No. 238. → Turn right and head towards Route 236. → Turn left into the Route 236. → Turn right at the intersection with Route 46.

■JR Rent-A-Car

A rent-a-car company located on the firstfloor of Kii-Katsuura Station.

Rent-a-car which shortens traveling time is recommended for the surrounding sightseeing.

When you reach your destination, you can park your car and enjoy a walk slowly.

Access the Eki Rent-A-Car website to make a reservation.

Wakayama Taiji, Nachikatsuura, Nachi, Shingu, Kumano Kodo Tourist Information

Rediscovering the goodness of Japan over historical Kumano Kaido, Nachi Taisha, and Nachi Otaki.

Fishing while watching the beautiful sea at the pier in front of the facility,and you cook the fish which you caught at the garden of our facility.

Experience touching the whale by going to the beach,whale watching cruise and going Whale museum.

There are also several surfing spots so staying in surfing is also nice.

How to enjoy is infinite. Please enjoy as a relaxing place for family and friends.

★ Whale Museum - 5 Min walk from our facility.

★ Whale Beach- 10 Min walk from our facility.

★ Ishigaki Memorial Hall - It is next to our facility.

★Kino Matsuura Islands Cruise-15 minutes by car from this facility.

★ Nachi Waterfall- 30 minutes by car from this facility.

★ Nachi Taisha- 30 minutes by car from this facility.

★ Kumano Kodo Daimonzaka - 20 minutes by car from this facility.

★ Blue beach Nachi - 30 minutes by car from this facility.

★ Nachikatsuura Golf Club - 30 minutes by car from this facility.

Taiji town Tourist Information

■Whale Museum

Whale Museum

■Whale Museum Show Schedule

Whale Museum Show schedule

■Whale Beach/Ishigaki Memorial Hall

Whale beach/Ishigaki memorial hall

■Taiji Field Kayak

Taiji field kayak/sea kayak

It is 3minutes by car from this facility and 12minutes on foot.

Kumano Nada with coastal beauty and magnificent mountain ranges. If you leave the creek, you will see a magnificent view from zero meters above sea level! Clean water and refreshing sea breeze. There is a totally different world there when you row out the sea kayak!

■Dolphin Resort

ドルフィンリゾート やぎ

2 minutes by car from this facility, 9 minutes walking.

At Dolphin Resort there are fun plans to play with cute dolphins. You can feed goats and sheep,too.

■Dolphin Base

Dolphin swim

It is 2 minutes by car from this facility and 10 minutes on foot.

It is a dolphin swim experience facility first born in Japan.

If you have dream to swim with dolphin, Dolphin base make your dream come true.

■Kino Matsushima Island Cruise

Kino Matsushima Island Cruise

■Kino Matsushima Island Cruise Timetable

Kino Matsushima Island Cruise timetable

■Taiji town Tourist Map

Taiji tourist map

■Promenade leading from Tohmyozaki to Kandorizaki

Promenade leading from Tohmyozaki to Kandorizaki

■Fisher's Association Supermarket/Family Mart Katsuura Shimosato

Fisher's association supermarket/Family Mart Katsuura Shimosato

■Taketonbo/Port Inn Kujirahama

Taketonbo/Port inn Kujirahama

■Dining Shippo/Cafe Nawa

Dining Shippo/Cafe Nawa

■Boulangerie La Bois/Pizza House Kujira

Boulangerie La Bois/Pizza House Kujira

■Taiji Roadside Station

Taiji roadside station

■Taiji Town Round Bus

Taiji town round bus

■Taiji Town Round Bus Timetable

Taiji town round bus time table

Nachi,Nachikatsuura,Kumanokodo Tourist Information

■Nachi Tourist Map

Nachi tourist map

■Whale watching

Whale watching

It is 13 minutes by car from our facility.

Whales migrating in the Pacific Ocean will come to Kumano Nada from May to July. Kumano Nada is widely known as a point where whale watching can be enjoyed and many people are experiencing encounters with whales.

■Nachi Beach (Blue Beach Nachi)

Nachi Beach (Blue Beach Nachi)

It is 15inutes by car from our facility.

It is a fine-grained sandy beach which is also selected for the special selection of "100 Bathrooms Baths" selected by the Ministry of the Environment. About 800 meters and the vast sand beach is crowded with lots of sea bathers every year.

■Kumano Kodo Daimonzaka

Kumano kodo Daimonzaka

■Nachi Waterfall/Nachi Taisha

Nachi waterfall/Nachi taisha

■Access method other than car to Nachi waterfall/Nachi taisha/Kumano kodo Daimonzaka

Access method other than car to Nachi waterfall/Nachi taisha/Kumano kodo Daimonzaka

■Recommended course for Kumano kodo for the first time

Recommended course for Kumano kodo for the first time

Taiji, Nachikatsura Fishing location information

Taiji, Nachikatsura Fishing location information

■Whale beach park

It is a spot opposite this facility. Phoenix quay "is also called.

Kiss · Kawahagi by throwing fishing, Asian · sardines by Sabiki fishing, and Aori squid by yaen fishing and eging  fishing.

Whale beach park

■Taiji harbor

Horse mackerel · sardine · camas · meval · aori squid · chinu · gray etc can be fished at the quay of the harbor. The foothold is good,and there are parking spaces and toilets.

Taiji harbor

■Ota river estuary

With lure fishing you can catch sea bass · flounder · magochi, kiss by throwing fishing. The parking space is located on the left bank of the estuary, and the toilet is set near the cape on the east side.

Ota river estuary


The point where the big deep bay is called Uragami. You can catch fishing items such as kiss, horse mackerel, kawahae, chinu and red sea bream.


■Katsuura harbor

The main fishing area is around "Island of Watari". It is ideal for family fishing because scaffolding is well and toilet well maintained. You can catch horse mackere · sardine · chinu · gray · aori squid · Meval · Gashira etc. Particularly recommended fishing spots are Sabiki fishing at  mackere · sardine and light games around Night Light.

Katsuura harbor

■Nachi fishing port

Small migratory fish such as sardines and horse mackerels are often brought together, and sabiki fishing is popular at the levee. In dark times, you can also fish mebal and casago from the levee and worm fishing is available. In autumn,you can catch aori squid by  egingu fishing. In the surf on the south side, you can not fish sea bathers and surfers in many seasons, but you can aim the sparrows with throwing fishing. A small black spider may be hung.

Nachi fishing port

■Ukui harbor

You can fish by car from the quay. By sabiki fishing,  you can cathch horse mackerels and by throwing fishing, you can cathch kiss. Besides, it seems that you can catch aori squid , plating, chinu, and honey.

Ukui harbor

■Ukui fishing port

It is possible to walk only a low tide level to the offshore bank a little away. Overall the water depth is shallow. It seems to be able to catch chinu, gray, and aori squid and so on.

Ukui fishing port

八角屋根の家 太地 Octagonal Roof House in Taiji


           2902-57 Taiji,Higashimuro-District,,Wakayama